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Tub Sofa Hire

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Tub Sofa Hire

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£109.00(for up to 7 days)

Excl VAT

The Tub sofa is upholstered and deeply cushioned tub sofa for hire that gives the impression of comfort and style. The curved design of this Sofa supports all angles from the main seat, armrests and backrest. The faux leather tub sofa is padded on both the seating and the deep backrest. The Tub sofa comes in two colours (Options include: Black and White).

The Tub sofa is an all in one bespoke sofa which does not have a frame as such, a large and wide curve which is around the entire seating solution which then has the main seating in the middle of the curve, allowing the backrest and armrest of the seat to act as a frame for the sofa hire. It is a unique and spectacular piece of furniture that will look great at any exhibition or event stand.



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