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Trend Sofa Hire

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Trend Sofa Hire

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£103.00(for up to 7 days)

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The Trend Sofa is a popular and modern seating solution that is perfect for exhibition hire and event stands as you can connect these seats together with others of the same type. It makes a perfect seating solution both with another Trend sofas and chairs and as a standalone sofa. The Trend Sofa is a thick faux leather sofa with no armrests and a chunky backrest, these seats are very comfortable and very versatile in how you can use them when seating people. The Trend Sofa is the size of two Trend chairs put together. The Trend sofa hire for event comes in two colours (Options include: Black and White).

The Trend sofa is held on two rectangular beams on each side of the sofa which support both the weight and the size of the chair from both sides as well as being polished in chrome to add to the contemporary look and design of the sofa.


Trend Sofa Hire

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