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Swivel Tub Chair Hire

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Swivel Tub Chair Hire

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£52.00(for up to 7 days)

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The Swivel Tub chair is a classic yet stylish modern faux leather seating solution which brings a unique twist to the major and popular design of the tub chair and by twist, we mean literally a twist. This is such a beautiful lounge hire chair as the padded backrest curves round with a gap in the centre of the backrest for design and to provide breathing room. The Swivel Tub chair comes in two colours (Options include: Black and White).

The Swivel Tub chair has a 360° swivel so you can go full circle and sit from any angle on this stool. The base unit is made from a chrome aluminium metal which has the central beam-column connecting to the main seating solution, the base is a circular base, which again is chrome plated and has a floor protector on the bottom of the base to protect the flooring beneath from scratches.



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