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Quest Chair Hire

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Quest Chair Hire

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£31.00(for up to 7 days)

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The quest chair is a stylish and comfortable chair that really can blend with all environments with its terrific design and the unique shape of this chair and its general design that brings out interesting thoughts and ideas when looking at such an uncommon chair. The main seat is made with a leather cushion to provide support and add comfort to the seat. The cushion comes in two colours (Options include: White and Black). The backrest is open up to where the neck would be, which is met by a Teak wooden rest which will support the upper back.


The Chrome metal frame is unique for two reasons. Firstly, is that the frame continues to outline the chair to the teak wooden rest at the top of the chair. It is finished with a semicircular shape around where the individual sits. The second reason is the back two legs of the seat on both sides actually face out the chair backwards as if it was the front of the chair, which is different because it not only shows a rare design trait to the chair but also offers more support from the back of the chair in comparison to the front of the egg pod chair.



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