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Peeza Chair

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Peeza Chair

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£29.00(for up to 7 days)

Excl VAT

The Peeza Chair has a broad design with breathable slits on the back of the seat. The main seat is made from Polypropylene plastic, meaning it is easy to clean. The glossy colours that this chair come in include: White, Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow and Grey. The four-legged frame also shares the same colours and materials as the main seat. The frame is a sturdy and strong frame which can withstand weight and movement, rubber attached to the bottom of the legs ensure grip and no scratching of the floor beneath it.

The Peeza Chair is waterproof, and water will not affect the selected colour of your fruity chair hire. These folding chair hire are also stackable and already assembled on arrival due to the material of the product. In a nutshell the Peeza chair is very modern, it adds a stylish focal point to the area that can enhance the exhibition stand or event and they provide comfort and a durable seating for guests and viewers.


Peeza Chair

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