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Nido Chair Hire

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Nido Chair Hire

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£29.00(for up to 7 days)

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This famously designed modern chair creates a fashionable style within any environment. The Nido chair is ideal for a dinning or leisure-based exhibition stand or event and will give off a beaming style that stands out. The design has an abstract triangle collage like pattern on the backrest with a gap between the backrest and the main seat. The frame is made with the same plastic as the backrest and main seat, it is made of four legs which have a softer plastic on the bottom to ensure the chair doesn’t slip and there are no scratches made to the floor beneath. The Nido chair also comes in a variety of colours (Options include: White, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Grey and Pink)

This bistro chair hire is actually a very interesting piece. The Nido chair is made with a strong and sturdy polypropylene plastic which ensures the chair’s safety to use for a long time. This elegant fruity chair hire drips in style and creates a statement just leaving people wanting to at least sit on it.


Nido Chair Hire

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