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Jam Chair Hire

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Jam Chair Hire

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£42.00(for up to 7 days)

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Now this chair, just oozes in style, uniqueness and practicability. The design of the Jam chair is originally inspired from a signature modern piece made by Connubia Calligaris. The contemporary design of this chair and its build makes this seat solutions ideal for exhibition stand or events chair hire, becoming a focal point to your whole set up. This folding chair hire looks unique in any environment it is placed is and comes in two outlined colours which complement the White base of the funky chair hire. (Options include: Black, Grey and Red).

One of the most attractive features of the jam Bistro Chair Hire is the two tone colours, the general glossy White which is the main set and backrest, which is made from a techno-polymer shell then within the back of the backrest and outline of the backrest and inner oval holes placed on the backrest you have a selected colour of your choice which really does give this chair extra definition and adds to the beautiful design of the famous seating. The Jam chair also features a metal chrome frame which stands on two sets of connected legs to provide extra stability to the chair.


Jam Chair Hire

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