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Ghost Chair Hire

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Ghost Chair Hire

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£51.00(for up to 7 days)

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It’s practically invisible. Can you see it? This unique and bizarre chair is made with modern technologies to complete its mysterious and cool designed look. The Ghost chair is made from a clear transparent polycarbonate plastic made into a single mold to create this stunning chair hire. The backrest is held up from two sub frame pillars that create a small gap between the main seta and the backrest. The frame is made up of four straight, sturdy legs that will keep the chair upright and ensure there is no slipping when an individual sits on the chair.

This classic yet modern design was actually founded in the 1940s by Anna Castelli who was a leader in molded plastic furniture, and this piece here is a result of their manufacturing ways to create a durable, stylish, unique and cutting-edge seating solution. This is a must for any indoor or outdoor environment exhibition or event. You can also hire Folding Chair and other chairs. All chairs are stylish and comfortable.


Ghost Chair Hire

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