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Forum Straight Chair Hire

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Forum Straight Chair Hire

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£47.00(for up to 7 days)

Excl VAT

The Forum straight chair is a modern and very bespoke seating option and has been known to be used at many formal events to provide a luxury, contemporary and yet very affordable seating solution. The forum straight chair can be used as a stand-alone straight chair or can be connected with forum corner chairs and other forum straight chairs, giving you endless possibilities on what you can do with these chairs. Building your own seating arrangement can be a lot of fun and it really can work with your event or exhibition stand to a shape you want. And going back to endless possibilities, the forum straight chair also comes in seven colours! (Options include: Black, Purple, Green, Dark Grey, Beige, Turquoise and Light Grey). So, we encourage people to utilise what they can from this seating solution.

The Forum straight lounge hire chair's frame is made up of two parts, the first being an extension of the backrest which continues down creating a sturdy leather backdrop to the floor. The second is the two circular aluminium poles which are attached to either side of the front of the main seat. All in all, it offers sturdy support with a very firm frame.



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