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Chaise Lounge Hire

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Chaise Lounge Hire

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£134.00(for up to 7 days)

Excl VAT

The Chaise lounge is an iconic piece which will transform your exhibition or event stand. The Chaise lounge made for sitting, lying down and getting comfy, the type of seat which can be the throne to kings and queens. The Chaise lounge simply screams luxury, traditional and amazing design with its velvet fabric material and stunning upholstered corner backrest. You can feel the luxury and comfort as soon as you sit or lie down on this comfortable lounge seating. It is a cosy piece which makes it perfect for multiple people to sit on and perhaps even pose on. The Chaise lounge  carries an authentic look with the seat rests and semi-circular curved backrest on the one side of the sofa, which is also rolled up. The chaise lounge comes in a solid black colour too.

The Chaise lounge  provides firm support and has firm support from the polished chrome frame which is simple four small legs with a circular base which take each corner of this wonderful lounge. The elegance and luxury of this lounge hire just make you feel like royalty and will work perfectly in your exhibition or event stand.



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